delivered via nourishment and prolonged with every meal

Our story

Founded by need, sustained by a passion.

Founded in 2017, Feeding Billions works with enterprises to jointly take responsibility in building workforces that are healthy, productive and motivated. Using wholesome, nutritious meals as a medium, Feeding Billions gives every employee one more reason to come to work.

With a team of nutritionists and dieticians, fitness experts, culinary artists and more - we work towards understanding your workforce and the variety of food options we can delight them with.

We are forging a ‘way of life’ for a modern and health forward workforce.

Our four core values


Be accountable

for well-being


Establish affinity

for everyone is welcome


Create social value

for everyone involved


Egalitarian in intent

for building transparency

Our journey until today

We’ve won the hearts and support of businesses across India that consider workforce wellness a priority.